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Exterior Shutters Port Talbot

The original concept for exterior shutters was that they were made for the control of light into a building as well as protection from the weather. Picture the chalets in Switzerland or the ornate Romanian and Eastern European shutters and you will get the idea. Possibly as a result of us Brits travelling the world and getting our inspiration from all over the globe, exterior shutters are an amazing design statement and, constructed correctly can add significant value to a home as well as looking great.


Security is also an issue and the correct choice of shutters can help to secure a building as well as helping the curb appeal. Security doesn't have to look ugly and we are happy to advise on the best aesthetic as well as functional look for your exterior shutters.

Exterior shutters hinge to either side of a window or door or can be fixed to the top. They swing closed when in use and can also be mounted on tracks applied to the front of the building. Both fixed and moveable louvres allow the rain to run off, allows air transfer and flow, filters direct and indirect sunlight and provides privacy and a measure of security depending on the type of materials used and the fixings employed. Moveable or operable shutters allow more control of light and ventilation and can be mechanised as an available option.

Solid shutters and/ or board and batten shutters are more commonly used for protection from the elements and are less popular in this country. Shutters can be non-functional as well, adding to the value, appearance and charm of a building in the right circumstances.

Each and every shutter component available from Port Talbot Blinds is hand finished to order and quality checked by craftsmen prior to assembly in our state-of-the-art production unit. This attention to detail continues when we arrive to fit your new shutters in your home. You will be assured of top-notch quality, a superb and clean installation and the satisfaction of knowing the care and attention that has gone into the manufacture of your shutters.

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